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P&P 2005 Soundtrack Cues

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I do not know how it is with you, but personally I cannot get enough of the soundtrack and listen to it a lot while attending to my daily duties. Obviously, the music evokes images of the movie, but there are moments when I have no clue as to the cue... ;)

Compiled by Laura N for an article on the movie she is currently writing with her husband, this list offers a complete overview of the musical cues related to the P&P 2005 soundtrack so that we can track down exactly which part of the score belongs to which scene.

Opening credits and scene where Elizabeth is walking reading, then goes into the house from backyard #1 "Dawn."

In the parlor, as girls learn Mr. Bennet has met Bingley, they laugh and carry on about what to wear to the ball, #1 "Dawn."

Meryton Assembly doors open and the dance is seen, #4 "Meryton Townhall." Same music plays again as dancing resumes after Caroline, Darcy and Bingley enter and walk the length of the hall.

Jane and Bingley dance together. This music is not on the CD. The same music is used again when Bingley, Charlotte and others do a very lively dance.

Elizabeth turns and walks away from Darcy after her reply on how to encourage affection. Music is heard, but is not on the CD.

After Jane and Elizabeth (in bed) discuss Bingley and the dance, camera moves to shot outside window, "Dawn" theme played but with melody in clarinet, much more subdued and quiet This is actually a cut from # 2 " Stars and Butterflies" beginning at 1:24 minutes.

ELizabeth walks to Netherfield, #12 "The Secret Life of Daydreams."

Regiment marches through Meryton, #5 "The Militia Marches In."

As the Bennet girls get ready for the Netherfield ball, the maid walks through, laying out clothes, #7 "Arrival at Netherfield." When we see the maid and the girls, we hear the theme from "The Secret Life of Daydreams" for 36 seconds, but at a much faster tempo that #12 on the CD. During this time, the maid hums the theme from "Meryton Townhall."

Scene cuts to outside of Netherfield, guests arriving, #7 "Arrival At Netherfield" from 0.36 to the end of the cut.

After the receiving line, Elizabeth walks through Netherfield, looking for Wickham. As she passes through the room with the chamber orchestra, music is played, but is not on the CD.

Elizabeth dances with Collins. Music is not on the CD.

Elizabeth and Darcy dance, #8 "A Postcard to Henry Purcell."

The last dance at Netherfield, Bingley watched Jane dance, Caroline and Darcy dance, #14 "Can't Slow Down."

#11 "Another Dance" is never heard in the film.

We see Collins alone, holding a flower, Mary crying in Mr. Bennet's arms, #2 "Stars and Butterflies," the first theme from the start of the cut up to 0:51. As the camera finds Elizabeth outside in the dark, we hear the next theme from 0:51 to 1:25. This is the "Secret Life of Daydreams" theme again, played poignantly and slowly, solo clarinet.

As the Bingley carriage pulls away from Netherfield, #10 "Leaving Netherfield." The cut on the CD has three themes, but only two of them are played in this scene. The CD begins with "Dawn," but in the scene, we hear the first theme from "Stars & Butterflies," beginning at 0:42 in #10, but this time in c minor. Then we hear a slower, fuller variation on #8 "A Postcard to Henry Purcell" from 1:06 to the end.

In the swing scene, as Charlotte walks away from Elizabeth, #12 "The Secret Life of Daydreams." This plays through Elizabeth's journey to Kent and closes when Elizabeth and Charlotte enter her parlor.

Elizabeth runs in rain from the Church to the first proposal scene, #13 "Darcy's Letter," the first part of the cut, 0 to 0:34.

Elizabeth reflects on Darcy's letter, #13 "Darcy's Letter," from 0:34 to the end of the cut on the CD.

We see light through Elizabeth's eyelids on her trip to Pemberley, then we see her on the edge of the peak, #9 "Liz on Top of the World." From 0:26 on the cut, the "Daydream" theme is played in soaring strings over piano.

Elizabeth and the Gardiners tour Pemberley, #3 "The Living Sculptures of Pemberley."

Elizabeth hears a piano and comes upon Georgianna. This is "Dawn," from the #16 "Mrs. Darcy'" beginning at 2:38 on the cut.

Georgianna plays as she and Darcy wait for Elizabeth's arrival, #6 "Georgianna," piano from 0 to 0:47 on the cut.

Elizabeth receives Jane's letter about Lydia's elopement. Scene cuts to Gardiner carriage, racing home, # 15 "Your Hands Are Cold," from 0 to 1:07. The themes are from "Darcy's Letter."

Darcy and Bingley practice the proposal, #6 "Georgianna," orchestral, from 0:47 to end of cut.

Elizabeth is outside Longbourn, crying, after Bingley's proposal. Darcy looks back and walks on. The scene fades to outside the house at night and we see inside the windows, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet discuss Jane and Bingley, etc. The themes are from #3 "The Living Sculptures of Pemberley," all piano.

The second proposal. Elizabeth walks out early morning, #15 "Your Hand Are Cold," from 0:56. Begins with the theme from "Darcy's Letter," flute, the strings added. Elizabeth stops and sees Darcy, at 2:23, we hear the introductory music from "Liz on Top of the World." As Darcy gets closer (2:46), it seems to be a variation on "Liz on Top of the World," with full piano beneath, soaring strings, but the "Daydream" theme is not the melody in this part. When Darcy gets near Elizabeth, the music quiets, then stops. There is no music as he says 'I couldn't sleep.' Then very softly (3:37), the theme from "Darcy's Letter" resumes during the second proposal, 'If your feelings are what they were in April...you have bewitched me...' When Elizabeth says 'Your hands are cold...' through to the end of scene, we hear a cadence and resolution of "Darcy's Letter," descending by fifths, from E to A to E to A.

Cut directly to the scene change to outside Mr. Bennet's study, Elizabeth paces, Darcy comes out, they smile at each other, door closes, #1, "Dawn," piano.

Mr. Bennet hugs Elizabeth, 'I could not have parted..', # 16, "Mrs. Darcy," from 0 to 0:42, the "Dawn" theme (orchestral), continues through 'If any men come for Mary or Kitty.... I am at leisure.' The dominant is held as scene changes to:

Outside Pemberley at night, #16 "Mrs. Darcy," from 0:42 to 2:37, this is the theme from "Daydreams," played in the strings, the theme very elongated. This "Daydreams" theme continues throughout the entire scene, the orchestration building and swelling, great low strings, cello and bass, moving beneath upper strings, harp added, a full orchestral swell on the last kiss.

The "Dawn," piano, enters again at 2:37 of #16 as the credits first roll. "The Living Sculptures of Pemberley" complete the credits.

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